Pooling Tips

These tips come directly from the California Lottery website. We’ve added our comments...just for fun.

Lead your team to cash and prizes.

Tips on how to start a team, play as a team and organize the winnings.

Get Started: Build a Winning Team

•  Know what kind of group you want. Will your group have five members or fifty? Can your members play a buck or two, or is there a minimum level like $10? The answers to these questions will help you figure out what kind of group you should start. Five or fifty? How about one million! And our pool will let you play $1 to $5 per spin, your choice.

•  Start with people you know. Everyone enjoys playing the California Lottery®, especially with people they like so start with friends, family and people in the office. Couldn’t agree more with this bit of advice.

•  Turn acquaintances into friends. Starting a lottery pool is a great way to get to know people better. The thrill of buying Lottery tickets, sharing dreams of what you would do if you won and anxiously awaiting draws can help build friendships. No doubt, whether they are across the street or around the world, new friends await!

•  Give your team a name. Nothing gets you feeling like a team more than a great team name like "Jack’s Jackpot Jokers" or "The Lovable Lottery Ladies." It builds morale, excitement and a sense of camaraderie. LottoLishus, has anyone ever thought of a better name for their lottery pool?

Get Playing: Let the Games Begin!

•  Send out a welcome email. Once you’ve determined your team, send out a welcome email to all of the players. This email should include your team name, the jackpot amount, the terms of play (minimum plays, games and procedure) along with a copy of a Group Play Model Agreement. Can you imagine doing this for every new player that joins your pool? We couldn’t that’s why LottoLishus completely automates it for you.

•  Know your teammates. Ask each player when they want to participate and what jackpot levels. Once again, mundane tasks we’ve built technology take care of. This IS the 21st century right?

•  Keep everyone in the loop. Stay on top of your emails and let your team know when draw days are coming around or when a jackpot reaches a certain amount. As a Jackpot Captain, you can sign up to receive periodic emails that show the jackpot amounts and winning numbers based on your preferences. We encourage you to forward these to your team to get them excited. Oh boy, can you say a part time job keeping up with this stuff. No worries, LottoLishus’s awesome software does it all for you!

•  Have a routine. Create a play schedule to keep everyone interested. For example, if your team plays MEGA Millions every Friday, update your team by forwarding the email blast showing the jackpot amount on Thursday. On the day of the draw, visit your team members to collect their contribution. Your team will begin to expect and look forward to this ritual. Yes, now you’re a collections agent for the lottery. Just what you have time to do. You’re friends are going run and hide when they see you coming. No invites to the weekend BBQ, that guy just wants my money!

•  Mix it up. If things are getting stale, mix things up with a new game or new ways of playing like creating friendly competition. Or it can be fun to give each player a chance to pick the numbers. Be creative, your group will appreciate it. Things will never get stale playing with LottoLishus because our pool is always growing and you’re winning regularly. Money in your bank account automatically will never get old!

•  Enter exclusive promotions. You and your team can get more chances to win cash and prizes. So keep an eye out for upcoming promotions. From LottoLishus too. We’ve got some cool things in store so stay tuned.

Organize the Winnings: Prizes and Payouts

•  Use the Jackpot Captain Calculator. With the Calculator, you can record your game, the draw date, each player’s contribution, and their estimated shared value easily. Make sure to print copies for your team and save a copy of the page on your desktop to quickly reference. And while you’re at it bring out the abacus to count your money too. Send the notice to your friends by telegraph or even better, pony express. LottoLishus keeps track of every winner and every penny you win with our player dashboard.

•  Keep records. Make copies of each draw’s activity so you can reference it whenever you need to. It’s also helpful to make photocopies of the actual tickets purchased for each draw. LottoLishus player dashboard, keeps track of EVERYTHING!

•  Don’t get in the habit of accepting "I.O.U.’s." We actually discourage it. There’s nothing worse than having to collect money from people after the draw has come and gone. We agree on this one. Thank goodness our players NEVER have to worry about this awkward situation.

More helpful tips to come. Stay tuned and good luck! Can’t wait to hear what new cutting edge tips you’ll have for us next. Oh never mind, we’ll just play with LottoLishus. All the cutting edge we’ll ever need!

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